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Massage Benefits

Release chronic stress areas due to misalignment, repetitive motions, and past lingering injuries. Break down scar tissue to promote muscle mobility, tissue regeneration, and reduce pain or discomfort. Teach the body to relax in order to assist clients in letting go of unnecessary, uncomfortable, and restricting muscular reflex patterns programmed in the body. The deep state of relaxation established through massage engages the parasympathetic nervous system which stimulates and inhibits a variety of hormones necessary for our well being.Massage can be a very vulnerable experience for some; triggering memories, thoughts, or emotions difficult to process. For those suffering from any sort of trauma, massage is a way to access the healing effect of intimate touch within the safe boundary of pure, innocent and loving intention. Additional benefits include enhanced immunity, athletic recovery/preparation, increased circulation, improved skin health, lessened depression/anxiety, and the alleviation of countless specific ailments.

Thai Massage

Rhythmic compressions and passive stretches are used along the body's Sen lines to promote energetic clearing, relaxation, and increased mobility. The therapist uses their hands, feet, knees, and legs to assist the fully clothed client into gentle postures.

Hot Stone Massage

A pure heavenly massage using hot stones, organic lotions, and pure theraputic grade essential oils. A relaxing message that will warm all your muscles and rest your mind.

90 Minutes

Mother To Be

This relaxing massage that will leave you and baby feeling calm and centered. Pillows, hot towels, and appropriate essentail oils will ensure your comforte and leave you feeling wonderfully relaxed.

60 Minutes, 90 Minutes

Back, Neck & Shoulder Therapy

If you are experiencing back or neck pain, this therapy is designed to relax, restore and rejuvenate, using a technique of massage, hot towels and essential oils.

$40 for 30 Minutes

One Source Signature

A mix of Deep Tissue for desired tight areas, Trigger Point Thearpy, and Swedish massage. This massage includes hot towels and your choice of a pure theraputic grade essential oil.

60 Minutes, 90 Minutes (recommended)

Deep Tissue

Using a blend of Neuromuscular Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy, and Sports massage this is a focused massage for painful, sore muscles. This massage includes a posture anlysis and pelvic stabilization to balance the body and your choice of a pure theraputic grade essential oil. Your therapist will go over a treatment plan of action with you.

30 Minutes, 60 Minutes, 90 Minutes, 120 Minutes


Handed down for generations, a medium pressure massage designed to relax the mind and body. An overall feel good massage to leave you floating. Hot towels and pure theraputic grade essentail oils included.

30 Minutes, 60 Minutes, 90 Minutes

Massage at One Source Wellness & Chiropractic in Brookfield WI

Cupping Therapy

Unwanted buildup in the body can be the root cause for many different health conditions. During the process of cupping the suction and movement of the cups helps pull and disperse unwanted toxin’s lingering in your body’s tissues. By increasing blood circulation and stimulating the lymphatic system old debris that was left stagnant is moved and expelled naturally through the body. By eating healthy foods and staying hydrated before and after a cupping session your body is more capable of flushing those impurities and promoting better health.

This technique is effective on its own, but with the addition of Aromatherapy the effects of cupping on the body is enhanced even farther. If you do not experience sensitivities to essential oils, I suggest trying a customized blend of oils or adding cupping to a Doterra AromaTouch service.

* Cupping can leave marks on the skin following a treatment, they are not painful, but typically last 2-5 days. The marks can represent dehydration, unhealthy diet, and severity of stagnation in the tissue.

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